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Introducing The Bounce Back Course

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Could This Be What's Standing Between You And Bouncing Back Strong After Life Happens?

The Facebook Ads Masterclass will show you how to become an expert creating Facebook Ads for your own business, or your agency clients.

In this epic masterclass, I will walk you through each step of setting up a profitable advertising campaign on Facebook in under 90 minutes.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never created an advertising campaign on your life, or if you have spent millions of dollars in ads, this masterclass will give you insights most people don’t teach because they don’t know about them!

Everything I show and give you in this masterclass, has been used by thousands of our students to generate 5, 6 and even 7 figures creating profitable campaigns. 

No fluff, no theory - only actionable steps that show you how to set up a Facebook campaign.

When you join the Facebook Masterclass, you’ll receive:

  • Facebook Ads Masterclass: Learn how to create a Facebook Advertising campaign as an expert.

  • Campaign Launch Checklist: Before you launch any new campaign, go through our proven checklist to ensure everything's in place.

  • Fill-In-The-Blanks Copywriting Template: Never know what to write in your ads? Don't worry, we don't expect you to become a master copywriter, instead we'll give you our proven copywriting template that is also compliant with Facebook!

  • Million-Dollar Creative Templates: Same as we don't expect you to become a master copywriter, neither do we expect you to become a master graphic designer. That's why we'll give you our best-performing creatives so you can edit them without needing to learn how to use complex software.

  • TOTAL VALUE: $1,997

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    Learn how to become resilient with bonus content not included in the book, Bounce Back (value £ 14.99)


    Grab this 30-day devotional to keep youuplifted on-the-go (value £ 14.99)

    What people are saying about Bounce Back

    Bounce Back! is an amazing book of practical steps to bounce back when adversity hits in life. Gladys has combined compelling life stories, humour and spirituality to make this book a must have and must read for everyone. The simplicity of the book makes it an easy read despite the depth and the richness of the content. I recommend this book for personal use and a resource for schools and churches.

    Yemi Adedeji

    Associate Director with Hope UK. Ambassador for Compassion UK and Cinnamon Network. Director for ‘One People Commission’ atEvangelical Alliance UK

    Impactful and life-changing! A truly inspirational and comprehensive guide on how to emerge triumphantly from life’s traumas and setbacks. This ‘must-have’ book will not only equip you with the tools to develop resiliency in the face of challenges but also how you can become better in the process. Sharing life strategy tools and uplifting testimonials of individuals who have ‘bounced back’, Gladys skilfully takes the reader on a journey to wholeness and purpose.

    Sharon Platt-McDonald

    Director for Health, Women’s Ministries and Disability Awareness for the Seventh-day Adventist churches in the UK and Ireland.

    This book is a must-read! It is an essential guide along the journey of life’s challenges and adversities. Gladys writes with passion and encouragement to call us higher, to go further, to become more than overcomers, in and through Christ.

    Arianna Walker

    Author, Speaker andExecutive Director of Mercy UK

    Everyone faces times in their life when they experience trouble and distress. We are hit, often unavoidably, by the stuff of life. It can shake us, hurt us, and at times knock us down and out. However, with help, we can learn ways to stand up to these challenges and deal with these encounters. By doing so, we can bounce back and overcome the effect, turning it into a means to move forward. This book aims to give the insight and resources to equip us to respond to the bombardment of life events and to move forward with God’s help.

    Jonathan Clark

    Director for Premier Lifeline.

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